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The Trevor Law Show Nintendo GameCube Launch Title Released In September 2001. This Marks The 2nd Time Trevor Law Stars In His Own Game As The Main Character, 2nd Being "The Lucas Harder Show Is Missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Instruction BookletEdit

And The Grand Prize Is A Big, Haunted TV Show\Mansion!?

One day, Trevor Law received an unexpected message: "Weren't You That Dude Who Won 1ST Place In That Jeopardy Competition? If That Is, Because You Bear A Very Strange Personality To Him, If You Are Lost Trying To Find Your New The TV Show\The Mansion, I Left A Little Something For Ya!" Trevor Law Wanted To Meet Lucas Harder Their To Celebrate, But Lucas Harder Was Just Going To Get Everything Ready For the Party,However, Time Rolled By, And Lucas Harder Never Returned For Over 17 Minutes, Trevor Law Was Brave Enough To Go Check On Him, And Then He Forgot That He Was Afraid Of Dark, And Misty, Places, Trevor Law Then Took A Quick Look Around The TV Show\The Mansion, And Then Trevor Law Then Tried To Run Away As Fast As Possible.

Then A Great Humongous Ghost Hand Then Grabbed Trevor Law And Through Him Down In The Ground, He Was Then Showed Falling Down A Humongous Cliff, He Was So Frightful That He Didn't Know What Was Going On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then He Was Their Was Humongous Explosions Out In The SouthEast, And Then All Of The Construction Just Stopped, And Their Was Complete Silence, When Trevor Law Woke Up The Next Day, He Saw Himself Originally Known As.................

Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trevor Law Was Looking Around And Then Say Zombies Invading The Land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then He Met Up With A Vampire Type Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It Just So Happened That The Old Vampire Man, DJ The Vampire Slayer, Who Lived In The TV Show, Was Researching His Favorite Thing, Zombies, And Ghosts. He Saved Trevor Law From The Zombies That Were Invading The Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Trevor Law's Not Exactly Known For His Bravery. Can Trevor Law Get Rid Of All The Joking-Likeing Ghosts And Rescue Lucas Harder?




Lucas Harder's ItemsEdit

Trevor Law Might Look For Several Items That Lucas Harder Had Dropped In The TV Show\The Mansion. Once He Had Received One, He Can Show It To Madame TlairToya For Information Of Lucas Harder's WhereAbouts.

Item Location Text

Lucas Harder's Microphone
The Video Game Room You Found Lucas Harder's Microphone! And It's Been Fixed Recently!

Lucas Harder's Letter
Courtyard You Found Lucas Harder's Letter! I Wonder What It Says...

Lucas Harder's Shoes
The Electronic's Room You Found Lucas Harder's Shoes! It Stinks.................Like Lucas Harder's Feet.

Lucas Harder's Bow Tie
The Laundromat You Found Lucas Harder's Bow Tie! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew... It's A Tiny-Bit Sweaty.
File:Mario's Star.PNG
Lucas Harder's Rainbow Battery
Observatory You Found Lucas Harder's Rainbow Battery! My, What A Glittering Beauty!

Miscellaneous itemsEdit

DJ The Vampire Slayer's GalleryEdit

DJ The Vampire Slayer Had Trapped The Portrait Ghosts Into Paintings During His Past Ghost Adventures And Put Them For Display In His Personal Gallery - Until The Zombie King Released Each Of Them. As Trevor Law Recaptures Gallery Ghosts, They Will Be Framed In Three Colors: Blue, Bronze, Silver, Or Gold. The Color Depends On How Much HP (Out Of 100 For Each Not-Boss Gallery Zombie\ghost) Luigi sucks in one go, which produce pearls:

Beta elementsEdit

Main article: List Of The Trevor Law Show Beta Elements

The Trevor Law Show Was Originally Just A Technology Demo For The Nintendo GameCube, But Nintendo Turned It Into An Entire Video Game. The Video Game Was Originally Going To Be Released For The Nintendo 64, But Due To The Nintendo 64's LifeSpan Going Into An End, Nintendo Decided To Create A New Console, Which Then Began,"The Nintendo GameCube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Main article: List Of The Trevor Law Show Staff

The Directors Of The Game Was Takashi Tezuka, And Shigesato Itoi, And The Game's Producer Is Shigeru Miyamoto

"The Luigi's Mansion Teaser Trailer"Edit

Their Is A Teensy Bit Of A Teaser Trailer Before The Nintendo GameCube Launch Title, "Luigi's Mansion" Is Released. It Just Shows What You Can Do During Gameplay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Luigi's Mansion Teaser Trailer Is In All Regions Of The Video Game Since The Trevor Law Show Came Out Before Luigi's Mansion In All Regions Of The Video Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Template:Rewrite The Game Had Received Mostly Negative Reviews. Gamespot,However, Gave The Game A 7.9/10, [1] IGN gave it a 7/10 [2] And Nintendo Life Gave It An 7.7/17 [3]. The Game Was Mostly Awarded For Its Cool Features, And For Having Trevor Law A Starring Role. However, The Fans Were Also Excited For It's Tall Length.

The Trevor Law Show Is The 1ST Best-Selling Video Game For The Nintendo GameCube, Having Sold Approximately 777.777 Trillion Copies, 777.777 Trillion In The United States Of America, 777,777,777,777,777,777,777 Copies In Japan, And 777,777,777,777,777,777,777 Units In The United Kingdom, As Of August 17, 2007.

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