• When Lucas, And Trevor Were Falling Lucas's Comedian Jacket Turned Blue, And Bow Tie Purple.
  • Netflix Misspells This Episode As, "The Trever Law Show".
  • When Lucas Is On His Way To The Lucas Harder Show, It Is Daytime, But When Trevor Is Inside The Lucas Harder Show, IT Is Nightime.
  • When Alex And Jordan Tell Lucas That Is Taking His Show From Lucas, Lucas's Bow Tie Is Nowhere To Be Seen.
  • Lucas Has Blue Hair For A Few Frames During The Scene Where Luycas Grabs His Microphone, And Tries to Show Whose Better Comedy.
  • The TV Or Computer Rumbles When Lucas Exclaims/Says, "This Nonsense Ends Right Now"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • During The Scene Where Lucas Says, "Well Off To My Career [Which Is Also, The Lucas Harder Show"], The Lucas Harder Show, Or Trevor's House Is Nowhere To Be Seen.

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