• When Lucas And The Gang Are Laughing When Tiffany Is Telling Lucas That They Shouldn't Date Anymore, Trevor Is Seen Laughing, But Not Heard.
  • When Lucas, Alex, And Jordan Are Spying On Tiffany At Her House, They See Her Write Trevor & Tiffany, When The Camera Pans Out, It Then Reads, "Trever And" Tiffany,

Followed By Trevor's Name Being Misspelled, And, The & Symbol Is Then Actually As And.

  • When Lucas Uses The Latter To Climb Up To Spy On What Trevor & Tiffany Are Up To, When Lucas Says, "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................Guys, I Think I'm AbouT TO FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His Head, And His Left Hand Overlaps His Body.
  • Lucas's Bow Tie, And Microphone Kept Disappearing And Reappearing Throughout The Whole Entire Episode.
  • Lucas Is Crying When He Really Did Believe That Tiffany Doesn't Love Him Anymore, But In The Next Scene, His Tears Had Disappeared

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