Super Lucas Racing 7 is the 7th game in the Super Lucas Racing series. The game was created for the Nintendo 3DS in 2011.




Unlocking criteriaEdit

Tina Win 150cc Microphone Cup
Robot-Man Win 150cc Star Cup
Metal-Blue Lucas/Metal-Gold Lucas Win 150cc Terrible Cup
Primid Win 150cc Battery Cup
The Funky Penguin Win 150cc Wire Cup
Tiggler Win 150cc Electric Cup
Takitu Win 150cc Golden Microphone Cup
Mii Win all cups on any engine class.


Nitro TracksEdit

Microphone CupEdit

Bow Tie CupEdit

Star CupEdit

Terrible CupEdit

Retro TracksEdit

Battery CupEdit

Wire CupEdit

Electric CupEdit

Golden Microphone CupEdit

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