• The Comedian On The Television Ad Changes Colors Throughout Scenes.
  • When The Whole Family Was In The Room, Lucas Goes To Grabs The Telephone, When He Reaches For It, He Goes Through John Bray's Arm.
  • When Jaylyn Was Building The Time Machine, The Time Machine Changes Colors Throughout The Scenes.
  • When John Bray Was Watching The Television Ad, The TV Had No Cord.
  • When Jaylyn Was Upstairs Playing In Her Room, Their Was A Rubix Cube, Their Were Two Middle Squares Which Are Blue, Which Would Make The Rubix Cube Impossible To Ever Complete.
  • When Lucas Is In The Basement, John Bray Comes Down, And Puts Laundry In The Dryer. After Lucas Is Done Talking To John Bray, John Bray Was Still Down Their For A Few Scenes, Then In One, Scene, The Dryer, The Towels, And John Bray Just Disappear Altogether.
  • When John Bray Comes Out With The Chocolate Spray, And Sprays It On Lucas, In The Next Scene, The Chocolate Turns Blue, Then In The Scene, The Chocolate's Just Gone Altogether.
  • The Televisions Rumbles When John Bray Tells Lucas During The Chocolate Scene, "GOT'CHA LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • When Lucas Tells The Family, "I Was Their Latest Sensation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The Closed-Captioning Reads, "I'm Their Noitasnes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", With Sensation Accidentally Spelled Backwards.

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