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Hey Arnold!Jordan HornerKevin The Idiot
Kevin The ZebraKlasky-CsupoList of ''Lucas V.S. Fake Lucas'' glitches
List of ''Super Lucas Racing'' glitchesList of ''Super Smash Bros. Melee'' glitchesList of ''The Lucas Harder Show 64'' glitches
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Lucas Harder & Mega Man At The Olympic GamesLucas Harder & Mega Man At The Olympic Winter GamesLucas Harder (Voice Actor)
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Super Lucas Racing DSSuper Lucas Racing WiiSuper Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Smash Bros. Melee: Smashing...Live!
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The Lucas Harder Show WikiThe New Lucas Harder Show (Gamecube)The Trevor Law Show
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Trevor LawTrevor ZoneUncle 7 Blue
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File:120px-Mario MK7.pngFile:120px-Metal Mario MK7.pngFile:120px-Peach MK7.png
File:120px-Rosalina MK7.pngFile:120px-Shy Guy MK7.pngFile:120px-Toad MK7.png
File:120px-Wario MK7.pngFile:120px-Wiggler MK7.pngFile:120px-Yoshi MK7.png
File:200px-Super Sonic.jpgFile:20px-Quotation2.pngFile:250px-Mario-Kart-7-Box-Art.jpg
File:250px-SSB3DS NA Boxart.pngFile:250px-SSBWiiU NA Boxart.pngFile:250px-Super Smash Bros Melee Players Ch.jpg
File:255px-SuperSmashBros.jpgFile:270px-Mkwii.jpgFile:300px-Mario Kart Arcade GP logo.jpg
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File:Hey Arnold!.jpgFile:JP.pngFile:Japan flag.png
File:KO.pngFile:Klasky-CSUPO.pngFile:Luigi's Codec Conversation with Solid Snake.jpg
File:Luigi Codec Call.jpgFile:Luigi SSBB Challenger Approaching.pngFile:NA.png
File:Negative Zone.jpgFile:Nickelodeon.pngFile:Nickelodeon Haystack Logo.jpg
File:Octopus Smash Screenshot - Super Smash Bros Brawl.pngFile:Olimar.pngFile:Paul.jpg
File:Rainbow Dash.jpgFile:SSBB.jpgFile:Shigeru Miyamoto.jpg
File:Smashing live.jpgFile:Sonic-and-sega-all-stars-racing-box-artwork-xbox-360.jpgFile:Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing.jpg
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