This is a list of glitches found exclusively in the game The Lucas Harder Show 64. For list of glitches in the remake, The Lucas Harder Show 64 DS, see List of The Lucas Harder Show 64 DS glitches.


Playable Alex glitchEdit

This is one of the trickier glitches. Usually, the only playable characters is Lucas and Trevor, but you can play as Alex by going to the Battery Zone level where the other 2 heroes of the series, Alex and Jordan are standing at the start of the level. Then pick up Alex. Here is the hardest part: go to the electric wire where they both will get electrocuted. while they are getting electrocuted, quickly tap the following buttons: Z, D, L, and R in that order, then it will look like Alex is getting thrown up in the air out of the level, but it's actually Lucas who dies, while you can play as Alex with a 100% health meter. However, the game will freeze if you have a game over, or you beat the level. You still will be able to go to the show with the collected star, but after that, the game will freeze.

Invisible Lucas/TrevorEdit

The only way to do this glitch is to go to the final boss duel, then have Evil Lucas do the metal attack while Lucas or Trevor has their special power, have Evil Lucas land on them, then when he gets back up, Lucas or Trevor will be invisible for the entire fight. They will also never lose damage either.

Serial Killer LucasEdit

This glitch is more of a creepy pasta, this the hardest glitch of all them in this game, the player must be Lucas, then he must lose all his lives and kill himself. (NOTE: There must be 2 controllers needed for this glitch, one in the Player 1 slot, and another in the Player 3 slot). Don't plug in the Player 3 slot yet until the Game Over screen is shown, then with player 3, press Z, D, L, and R, and player 1 needs to press C, A, B, then START in those orders at the same time. There is 2 wrong ways though, #1 is that it will take you to the main screen, and #2 is that it will go back to the show. Serial Killer Lucas has blooddripping down from his face with evil robotic purple eyes with a pocket knife and a shot gun in his hands. he also has part of his skeleton shown and a tiny Luigi action figure shown clobbered in his hair.

Electric Lucas/TrevorEdit

The only way to do this glitch is the Italy or North American version of the game. This glitch is more based on timing. Lucas/Trevor [or Alex if you do The Playable Alex glitch] must go to the Battery Zone level then the player must go to one of the battery bombs. The player must quickly throw the battery bomb in the electricity field. Then with The exact timing, Lucas/Trevor/Alex must go in the electricity when the battery bomb is exploding. Then Lucas, Trevor, or Alex will be blasted off the electricity field. Then some electric will be pulled to the character causing electricity around the character your playing as. You will have no damage and they will be invincible. If any of those characters runs into The enemies, they will instantly die from the electric. The only way to end this glitch is to die, or grab the star and go back to the show.


Super Mario 64Edit

Super Mario 64 is one of the most popular N64 games, alongside The Lucas Harder Show 64. However, you can be able to find Princess Peach's Castle and go inside too. first the player must go to the waterfall in the first level where you usually die. but you must cheat by doing the popular code: Z, D, L, and R in that order and you can cheat your death. then Lucas/Trevor will just go down the waterfall which takes exactly 7 minutes. after waiting 7 minutes, you can see that their is land. once you land, you can see Princess Peach's castle which has the same artwork as in the game. Once you walk inside, you'll see Toad still in the same spot as in gameplay of the real SM64. However, the game will freeze if you enter one of the paintings.

L Is Real 2401Edit

L Is Real 2401 is more of an easter egg in the game. The player must go to The Lucas Harder Show and enter the computer room, If one zooms in at the gray screen computer and zoom, it looks like it says, L Is Real 2401. The easter egg has also been in Super Mario 64 and in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In SM64, some people thought it's a note that Luigi might be an unlockable playable character but it was untrue and he could only be playable by hacking. Other people think that the 2401 might've meant that it Nintendo is telling the release of a later Mario game back from 1996 of the release of Paper Mario which was released on February 5th, 2001.

Zombie LucasEdit

The player can have their health meter totally empty and still be alive by going to Shifting Sand Land and run into an enemy that is close to a Warp Machine. Lucas/Trevor must have only 1% of their health meter left and then make the enemy closer to the Warp Machine to go to the next area. The player must then run into an enemy and should get bumped. If done correctly, the enemy should bump them into the Warp Machine and when they come out of it. They'll have 0% health, but they're still alive. The glitch will end if you turn off your N64.

The Non-Loaded GlitchEdit

When you do this glitch, some courses and objects/characters are not loaded up yet and they never will be. When you first start up your N64, when your on the loading screen, quickly press Z, D, L, and R, as usual, but you must make sure that it hasn't finished loading yet. The loading should stop right after you press the buttons, then some courses are not loaded yet, (and never will be). But be aware that in some certain places could cause freezing, crashing, messed up levels/characters, ect. To end this glitch, you must quickly turn off your N64 before your game does the things listed above.

Cheating Is Allowed ReversedEdit

Usually, if Lucas/Trevor goes to Cool Cool Mountain and races the Big Penguin and take a shortcut, but if you go back to the level and does the race again, quickly press Z throughout the race while doing a shortcut, then when The Big Penguin comes, The Big Penguin should act like you did the race fair & square and he will give you a star, even though you cheated. If you press Z throughout the whole race without taking any shortcuts, The Big Penguin should act like you did the race cheating and he will not give you the star, even though you did not cheat. This is a reversed-type-wised-glitch.

Secret 121 StarsEdit

This glitch is about timing. Like usual, there are only 120 stars throughout the game, however , their is a glitch where you can have 121 stars throughout the game! However, this glitch could cause corruption to your game's save file, freezing, and crashing. To do this glitch, the player must have all 120 Power Stars. The player will need to go inside the cannon you need all 120 power stars and aim at the door of the show. If timed/done correctly, Lucas/Trevor should fly into the door of the show, and Lucas/Trevor will bounce off of everything, and he/she should see Lucas/Trevor heading into the computer room. They should go to the 7th computer to the left, and they will automatically go inside the computer where their will be a secret power star and if they collect it, the 3 listed above will either happen.

Kevin The KillerEdit

Once you collect all of the 120 Power Stars, Usually Kevin would be on the roof and gives you 100 1-Ups. However, Their is The glitch where Kevin will instead kill you instead of to keep you to survive. Once you collect all 120 stars, you must move Lucas or Trevor depending on who you are playing as, and you should must, with The Terrific Timing, go over to the cannon and aim on top of the show, where Kevin usually is. You must make sure you land on top of Kevin, and Kevin should be bumped or pushed to where Lucas usually collects the Wings from the Wing Box. You must, without talking to him, jump on him repeatedly, The game should crash once you break open the Wing Box, And it should remain crashed for over 7 minutes. Once 7 minutes as passed, Lucas or Trevor will have the Wings and they should go up as high as they can possibly go. Then float around a little bit in the sky! Lucas/Trevor must then make sure that they Ground Pound on Kevin and once you're coming down, Kevin should talk to you as your falling. Lucas/Trevor should lose a few of their health, and instead of giving you 100 1-Ups, like usual, Kevin will instead kill you by taken all of your health from the health meter. Once you die, you start at the bridge to the show.