These are a list of glitches in the SNES game, Super Lucas Racing.



Lucas and the Missing KartEdit

This glitch can be done with any character. This glitch can also cause the game's save file to be corrupt. The glitch will make the player run throughout the track instead of driving throughout the track. First when the race starts, the player needs to do some Cartridge Tilting. Cartridge Tilting is where you disconnect your controllers and tilt them a different way. Then if done correctly, the player has no kart and the player is running throughout the track. This glitch was fixed in the PAL release, as if the player Cartridge Tilted the game before a race starts, the player will no longer have their kart disappear from the game and run through the track. It will just tell you that you have removed the controllers out, and if you try to Cartridge Tilt the game in the PAL version, it will no longer glitch.

Mr. Lucas & WatchEdit

To be flat just like Mr. Game & Watch, the player needs to choose Lucas from the character select screen. This glitch can be done on any mode. (More easier on Time Trials). The player must choose Superflat World. Then drive Lucas over to the left side where they can find a hidden item box. This may take a few tries, but if you get a Rocket Till, He won't fly to where your suppost to go, instead he will just fly in place. When you get out of the Rocket Till, This is the part why you need Lucas for this glitch. He is the only one who has the power to throw stuff at very high speed (which is what you need). Make sure Lucas has a Fake Item Box, then use the very high speed method, then if done correctly, The Fake Item Box should come down and hit you. You will then notice after the Fake Item Box hit you, You will notice that completely filled in "black" and that Lucas is extremely flat, he will remain like that until the race is over.


3D GraphicsEdit

This glitch is the easiest to pull off, However, this glitch can cause the game to corrupt it's save files. When you load up a file, press Z for over 7 seconds. If done correctly, Everything will be 3D. The track should 3D to. But it will have SNES graphics if it was a 3D SNES game. This glitch was fixed in the PAL version of this game.

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