These are a list of glitches found exclusively in Lucas V.S. Fake Lucas for the N64.

Physical GlitchesEdit

Press ZEdit

Once the game has started, load up a new file then begin the game. When Lucas is writing the story out, quickly keep tapping Z throughout the page he is writing and if done correctly, instead of writing out Press A to go to the next page, instead he will write Press Z.

Lucas's 3rd LegEdit

The glitch can only occur when Lucas is doing the boss battle v.s. Fake Lucas. Lucas must go to the 7th area where all the electric wires are, then the player must stay there getting electrocuted until Fake Lucas throws a bomb. Then make sure the bomb heads for Lucas, if done correctly, Lucas won't get any damage at all and he should get thrown out of the wires and the player will then notice Lucas has a third leg and he will go 3x as faster then usual. The glitch will end if Lucas completes the level or if he dies.

Defeat The Final Boss Of The Game In 0 SecondsEdit

This is one of the hardest glitches in the game. First the player must be at the start of the level. The player must go to the cannon and make sure he goes has high as he can to the right. There should be a hidden platform in the sky with another cannon there for you. Then the player can actually see Fake Lucas waiting for you. The player must then go in the cannon and aim Lucas to Fake Lucas. If done correctly, Lucas will land on Fake Lucas and he will fall to the ground and Fake Lucas will take that is if that was the final hit. Then you have beat the boss in 0 seconds.