• Throughout The Whole Entire Episode, The Background Sometimes Flips UpsideDown Throughout Scenes.
  • It Is Unknown How John Bray Did Not Get His Own Clone After He Touched The Electricity That Was Electrocuting Lucas To Create His Own Clone.
  • When Evil Lucas Did The BirthDay Cake\Pie Joke On Lucas, Their Is A Cherry On Top That Keeps On Changing Colors From Blue To Red To Just Disappearing Throughout Altogether, And The Birthday Cake\Pie's Frosting Kept Changing Colors Throughout The Scenes, And Then Every Time Evil Lucas Runs Back And Forth To Run Away From The Joke, The BirthDay Cake\Pie, The Stool That Lucas Harder Tripped On, And Lucas Harder Kept Disappearing And Reappearing.
  • The Similar Error Had Happened In The Last Episode, The Machine Evil Lucas Is Creating Changes Colors Throughout All Of The Scenes.
  • When Lucas Harder Writes In His Diary Before Bed, He Is Wearing His Dark Blue Pajama's, After The BackStory About What He Is Writing In The Diary, He Then Is Wearing His Original Purple Comedian Jacket.
  • In Netflix, The Channel Description Accidently Reads The Description For The Next Episode, The FOOTBALL Sits Next Door.
  • When This Episode Plays On The Two Channels, TBS\MYTV Buffalo, In The Theme Song, Title Card, And The Opening Credits, The Theme Song Usually Says The Lucas Harder Show, But In The TBS\MYTV Buffalo Version It Is Misspelled As "The Lucas HARTER Show" [This Similar Happens Later In The Trevor Law Show Again, As The Lucas Harder Show Is The Error], The Other One, Which Is Known As The Title Card, The T In Bir"T"h That Disappears In Those Two Versions, As For The Opening Credits For The TV Episode For Those Two Channels, The Thing Reads That The Voice Actor Lucas Harder Is The Co-Director For The Episode, However, He Is Actually The True Director, The Executive Producer, And The Voice Actor For Evil Lucas, And The True Lucas Harder. As For The Nickelodeon, And FOX Versions, Are The True Rankings For The TV Episode.

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